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Allnewgclub casino online promotion

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Bird of Paradise changed from shooting fish, scoring and shooting birds instead

For Bird of Paradise, although it is in the fish shooting game category, the game doesn't have any fish for us to shoot at all. But there will be birds for us to shoot to score in this game instead However, the style of play is considered the same. Is that there is a gun for us to set up a turret to shoot the things that are passing in front And the more we score, the higher the prize money will be.

3 options before starting the game

As with all other fishing games in the allnewgclub casino online, there are 3 options, with the options being tied to the amount of money that we have to bet in order to exchange for the value of ammunition. For shooting to score points from birds or other things that fly over the target
The options available will allow us to see the multipliers, which are 1, 10 and 100 Multiplier. When pressed, there will be a bar for us to adjust the coin limit that we will use in this game. After the adjustment is complete, press Start to enter the game straight away

It's time to start

The gun in this game will be like a crossbow using metal or steel arrows. In which the player has to shoot it to the desired target By using the mouse to click on that point The important thing is that some animals will use different ammunition to shoot them to gain points. Therefore it must be calculated to reduce the wastage of the use of ammunition. And to make every shot fired the most effective
What is a hindrance in the Bird of Paradise is that there are often poultry that obstruct the way of bullet at close range. But if capturing the spot in the front of the muzzle, this will be a silver pond, a gold pond for scoring

Must-see spots

There will be a point in the game screen in Bird of Paradise at allnew casino that we have to click to use. Is the compass image to the right of the green + sign at the bottom of the game screen. The main button to press is Aim, which locks the target and Auto is automatically firing a shot.
The golden phoenix is ​​a goal that cannot be missed. Which it will give a lot of coins to us Therefore, if you find a bird that has all the golden color, this should be handled immediately. In addition, the Phoenix gives the player the Freeze ammunition, which is a special ammunition available to the player. Which will stop the entire screen time Everything will stand still, except for us who can freely throw bullets at the target. Even if that moment lasts only a few seconds But it is enough to allow us to grab bonuses in the amount of more than ten hundred times the ammunition used.
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